The tree aims to encourage visitors to the area during the winter holiday period and highlight the BIDs support for sustainability and environmentally conscious public art.
The prize receipt fee for the winner outlined above is $4,000. This includes all materials and associated costs for the provision of the work. Please visit the website at for more details.

  • It is important to note that the structure will be left unsupervised in the public realm, so the safety and security of the tree is of paramount importance. Sufficient structural analysis must be undertaken to ensure the structure is safe and sturdy.
  • The winner will be selected by a team comprised of the BID’s board of directors and Friends of the Junction steering group.
  • The materials can be recycled or upcycled in a manner of ways – at the discretion of the artist.
  • The design concept is for the artist to decide on, as long as the tree is created using upcycled/recycled materials.
  • As a member of Materials for the Arts (MFTA), participating artists can use this access to obtain free reuse materials to build the holiday tree.

Flatbush Nostrand Junction BID